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Dr. Eric Benefield


I completed my undergraduate studies at Utah Valley University. Then, I was very blessed to be selected as one of the 140 dental students from a crowd of nearly 3,000 applicants at the University of the Pacific School in Dentistry in San Francisco, CA. In 2003, I graduated #1 in my class as valedictorian. Upon graduation, I served as a dentist in the U.S. Army for 3 years at Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Family is important

My life revolves around my beautiful wife, Aimee and our six kids! Our four daughters, each born in different states, are growing up to be beautiful young women just like their mom! With only one son, we wanted to make his name meaningful. So, Hinckley is named after one of the most influential men in both my life and my wife’s, Gordon B. Hinckley. Then, just as I thought we were done growing our family, we were blessed with one final addition. Thomas is named after another hero of ours, Thomas S. Monson. Coming home to Grand Junction, CO in October 2011 was one of the big highlights in my life. It is so fun to be raising my children right here where I was raised. Their love for the outdoors and the western slope continues to grow! It’s great to be home, providing dental care in this area of the world that means so much to me!

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